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Christmas Greetings, Weenie Royale

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I’m here. At work. Yup.

Merry frackin’ Christmas to the rest of you out there! Hope you’re spending some quality time with your families and friends. Do me a favor and try watching the news tonight. Just for a few minutes. Members of the press get no rest, really. Random stuff happens round the clock. Our newsroom is never empty. We do it for you, folks. Grant us our wish- and watch. 🙂

I spent Christmas Eve at my folks’ place in Olympia. Saw the sisters. Opened some presents. Best gift ever: The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook! Until last night, I’d never heard of this place. Basically, some kick-ass chefs spend their time trying out recipes, ingredients, and cooking tools anywhere from 30 to hundreds of times. Then, they share with us the most fool-proof recipes out there. Love it! This reporter may be a little obsessed with her career, but there is that other part of me that wants nothing more than to spend days on end learning how to cook and bake from scratch.

So anyway…

On this joyous holiday, I will be reporting on the theft of some valuable art at the Vollum property in NW Portland. The culprits may be scrap metal thieves. I called the public information officer for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. It’s been about two hours. No response. The guy is probably at home opening presents with his kids, so I won’t give him grief for not calling me back sooner.

Finally, I must tell you more about the title of this post. Weenie Royale is the subject of The Kitchen Sisters latest story for NPR in their “Hidden Kitchens” series. This installment features Japanese Americans who are convinced their internment during World War II changed the way they eat.

“They lived in barrack-like conditions, standing in long lines for little food, eating off tin pie plates in big mess halls. They were fed government commodity foods and castoff meat from Army surplus — hot dogs, ketchup, kidneys, Spam and potatoes. The Japanese diet and family table were erased.”

Fascinating! I always wondered about that Spam thing!


Written by Thanh Tan

December 25, 2007 at 7:32 pm

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