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The storm that never came…

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Okay, we got it wrong. A week of forecasts indicating we were going to get a major snow storm in Portland amounted to notta! For two days, I reported stories warning viewers to prepare, telling them which areas are most likely to get icy, etc. I canceled a flight to Idaho so that I could work instead. I was dressed to brave the cold. Ready to do live cut-ins at any moment.

But there was no snow. Therefore, there was no need for live breaking news coverage. Just a “self-contained” package for the 11p.m. show. Photographer M and I hustled to Hood River where they’ve had a good snowfall all week, put together a little story, and scrambled back to Portland to catch my original flight.

Weather is just unpredictable and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it. The worst that could happen is a storm hits and we’re totally unprepared to report what’s going on, right? Therefore, no regrets. Just glad no one is hurt out there. Let’s hope the wind and rain storms, flooding, and slides aren’t too bad in the coming days.

And hey, look at it this way. At least I’m not this gal…

She’s a good sport. I myself have had way too many live shots worth putting in the blooper hall of fame!

J and I are heading over to his folks’ place to listen to the TAL piece on Boise State Radio. Still nervous- and excited- as heck to be hearing it here where the story happened.


Written by Thanh Tan

December 2, 2007 at 11:56 am

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